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Travel/Training Requests

To help our employees be successful and serve our residents to the best of their ability, The City of Roswell is committed to providing ongoing professional development and training for staff. An employee may be required to travel to training locations or may need to travel in connection with their job responsibilities.

In these cases, an employee is entitled to reimbursement of reasonable training and related travel expenses as detailed in Chapter 18 of the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.

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Request, Record, Report, Reimburse … All with Apptricity

Apptricity is a web-based training and travel expense management system used by the City of Roswell to easily help employees:
  • request approval to attend training classes
  • record actual expenses associated with training and related travel
  • be reimbursed for expenses related to training and travel
Apptricity replaced the "Tic-Tac Travel/Training System" in 2017 and provides a much more streamlined, user-friendly experience for our employees.

Apptricity will follow a phased implementation and each department will be notified when they may begin utilizing Apptricity. The Finance Department will also offer training for each Department.

To get started with your training/travel request:

  • First, download the applicable Step-By-Step Guide
    This provides information about the City of Roswell’s travel request process—from pre-trip planning to post-trip reporting and reimbursement—as well as specific instructions on using Apptricity.
  • Sign in to Apptricity at For your first login, enter your User ID and select the link for "Forgot Password." Use this method to establish your password. There's a possibility the email to reset your password will be captured by the Junk mail filter. Visit the Junk Mail site to "unjunk" the reset password email, if necessary.

  • If you unable to log in or need assistance, contact the Finance Department at