HR Policies and Procedures

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HR Policy and Procedure Manual

The City of Roswell Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual was adopted by Mayor and Council on June 9, 2014. Mayor and Council approved the most recent revision on October 22, 2018.

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October 22, 2018 Revisions

The approved revisions are:
  • 19.3.2 - Clarification of the "Occasional Driver" definition and the addition of checking motor vehicle records (MVRs) language. Adding the definition of a driver’s license and specifying the requirement of an unrestricted license.

  • 19.3.3 & 19.3.4 - Adding "Occasional Driver" language.

  • 19.8 - Adding a section to explain that an employee who uses their personal vehicle for city business is assuming liability for bodily injuries or property damage.

  • 19.10.1 & 19.10.2 - Removing language that stated that using hands free devices is not permitted for use in City vehicles. This brings the City’s policy in line with the current state law regarding cell phone use in a vehicle.

  • 19.10.2 - Adding a sentence stating employees must comply with state and/or federal laws while operating a vehicle and using any device which may result in distracted driving.