Employee Referral Incentive Program

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Do you know someone who would be a great fit for the City of Roswell's team?

The City of Roswell is always looking for top talent and great personalities to add to our dynamic workforce. There is a no more effective recruitment tool than that of our most valued asset: our current employees. Our employees know firsthand all the benefits of working for the City of Roswell and how we foster a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and the highest service to our residents and visitors.

If a person you refer is hired by the City, you can be eligible to receive a $500 referral reward.

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To qualify for the referral incentive, the current employee's name must be listed on the original application under the "referral source" at the time of submission to Human Resources.

Adding a referring employee's name to an application after the original submission will not satisfy this requirement. If multiple employees are listed as the referral source, the incentive funds will be evenly divided. In the event that a name is listed but not clearly defined, or if the referral source could apply to multiple employees, the Director of Human Resources will decide eligibility.


This incentive is applicable to full-time current employees who recruit another full-time employee(s). However, the following employees are not eligible for this incentive:
  • Part-time employees
  • Seasonal employees
  • Elected officials
  • Politically appointed employees
  • City Administrator, Deputy City Administrator, Department Heads, City Attorney, Deputy City Attorney, and Risk Manager.
  • Any employee whose primary job is to recruit employees (i.e. police recruiters), any employee in Human Resources, or any relationship deemed as a conflict of interest by the Director of Human Resources.
  • Any employee who is part of the hiring/selection process (interview, calls references, evaluates, etc.), or any direct or indirect supervisor of the recruited employee.
  • Any current employee who recruits a relative, regardless of department or division, the new employee is hired into.
Note: A current part-time employee who is promoted to a full-time position does not qualify as recruitment.

Amount of Money and Distribution Method

If the above guidelines are satisfied, the referring incumbent employee will be eligible for a total of $500 per referral.

A payment of $250 will be made to the referring employee after the new employee has successfully worked 90 days, and then, a second payment of $250 will be made to the referring employee after the new employee has successful performance during of a minimum of 12 months, or is released from introductory period.

At any point, should either the referring employee(s) or the new employee leave the City of Roswell, for any reason, the referring employee will not be entitled to further payment.

Tax Implications of Employee Referral Incentive

Monetary incentives paid to referring employees will be taxed according to current IRS guidelines.


Contact Jessica LaBarre, Employment/Staffing Manager, at jlabarre@roswellgov.com or 770-641-3751.