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EARN Logo The Employees Acting on Roswell’s Needs (“EARN”) program was created to provide employees the opportunity to explore, introduce, and be rewarded for ideas that create cost savings and/or efficiency gains for the City of Roswell. EARN encourages employees to examine current processes and to develop innovations that ultimately lead to greater performance either in terms of reduction in City expenses or reduction in time needed to perform job duties. As an incentive program, employees who submit ideas that meet all program requirements and that create measurable returns will receive a portion of the savings in return based on the approved policy.

How do I submit an idea?

There are three ways to submit an idea:
  1. Complete and submit the form below.
  2. Send an email with your name, phone number, supervisor name and idea to Keith Lee, Finance Director, at klee@roswellgov.com.
  3. Send an interoffice memo to Keith Lee, Finance Director, with your name, phone number, supervisor name and idea.
If you have any questions, please call Keith at 770-641-3712 and he can assist you over the phone with your submission.

How much could I potentially EARN for an idea?

The award is 10% of the actual cost savings of one fiscal year for any cost savings measure likely to continue for two or more years. A 5% award will be given for any one time only cost savings measure. Employees in a “working test period” must complete the working test period before award is made.

Maximum award amount is $20,000.00 (before taxes) per idea. If multiple employees are involved the reward will be split among the involved employees.

Efficiency gains (or time savings) ideas will be awarded with either special comp time or a gift card. The decision on the type of compensation and amount of compensation will be decided by the EARN Board and shall not exceed 8 hours of special comp time or $50 in gift card value.

EARN Suggestion Submission Form

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Submit Your EARN Suggestion
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What criteria do I need to understand before submitting an idea?
      All submissions must:
      1. Have measurable savings
      2. Must demonstrate innovation above the employee’s fiscal responsibility outlined in their day to day, normal, routine job responsibilities, subject to review by the Board.

    2. Who decides if the idea is viable?
      The EARN Board – comprised of city employees and the City Administrator – will review the ideas on a monthly basis.

    3. How is the EARN Board comprised?
      1. Full-time employees only
      2. Employees must have been employed full-time with the City of Roswell for a minimum of 3 years.
      3. The Board will be comprised of one representative from each of the eight City of Roswell departments plus one alternate from each department. The eight primary representatives are voting members, unless the primary is unavailable for the Board meeting. In such circumstance the alternate will assume the primary role. The EARN Board meets at least quarterly.

    4. If my idea is moved forward before the EARN Board, what do I need to prepare to present the idea?
      The employee submitting the idea, or designee, will provide a brief presentation, no more than 10 minutes in length, to the Board describing the idea submitted for consideration and answer any follow up questions. The employee is allowed to bring additional personnel to help present the idea.

    5. How will I know if my idea was approved or rejected?
      The employee will be notified of the Board’s findings and include an explanation.

    6. How long will an approved idea need to be monitored before the final award will be given?
      Ideas must be implemented for at least a six-month period after formal approval from the EARN Board. Savings monitoring, evaluation and certification will be tracked by the Finance Department. Once the required duration has been met, the Finance Director will present the total savings and recommended award amount to the City Administrator for final approval. The employee will be notified of the incentive details, such as, the calculated amount and the projected date for receipt.

    7. Are any positions excluded from participating in the EARN program?
      Yes. Exclusions include - Elected officials, City Administrator, Deputy City Administrator, Department Directors, Deputy (Assistant) Directors and Chiefs.