Open Enrollment 2017-2018

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There are no changes to our benefits coverage this year.

Open enrollment for 2017-2018 ended on September 13, 2017.

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Karin Grindstad
Benefits Manager
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Please Note:

Clarification of Medical Insurance Company

Reminder: Our medical insurance is with HealthEZ (not Cigna). HealthEZ uses the Cigna PPO network. Due to some confusion during our first year, HealthEZ worked with the City to make the ID card easier to read and put HealthEZ first (on the left) and made their name larger, with Cigna network info smaller and to the right. We hope this helps you when you use the card, as well as helping the provider understand who the insurance company is (answer = HealthEZ).

Updated Cards

Redesigned HealthEZ medical cards were sent out the week of August 21–25, 2017. You can still use the same card or the new one. As there is no insurance company change, you will not get another card. (Exception: If you go from dependent coverage to employee only coverage, or from employee only coverage to adding eligible dependents, due to this info is displayed at the bottom of your ID card).

Supplemental Life Insurance

If you have not been approved for this benefit in the past, and you elect this for the first time, you are required to fill out the medical questionnaire (Evidence of Insurability). This goes directly to The Standard (not to HR). It will be up to their underwriting department to review and approve or deny. Rates are in the section to elect this benefit online. (If you fill out this form, please fill in: Group # - 752137 and the Name of Group = City of Roswell.)

H$A Debit Cards – Check the expiration date!

Be on the lookout for new debit cards from Optum Bank if your card expires in August 2017 and new cards from Health Equity if your card expires in September 2017. (Be sure to open all of your mail until you get a renewed debit card). If you do not get an updated card with an extended expiration date, please contact Optum Bank or Health Equity directly. Their number can be found on the back of your card. (Optum Bank: 866-234-8913 / Health Equity: 877-713-7712)

If you have any questions, please contact Karin Grindstad, Benefits Manager at 770-594-6444 or

Health Insurance

We will continue to use:
  • HealthEZ, who is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the medical services and claims administration, and
  • MagellanRx, who is a TPA for the prescription benefit.
Three HSA Plans to choose from (view premium rates):
  1. Current HSA Plan with a $2,000 / $4,000 deductible *
  2. Lower Deductible HSA Plan with a $1,500 / $3,000 deductible
  3. Embedded Deductible HSA Plan with a $2,600 / $5,200 deductible *
* Embedded Deductible: This means there is a single deductible of $2,600 for one person in a family. This plan is ideal for those who have one family member who seems to dip into or reach the current $4,000 family deductible plan.

Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Disability

There are no changes this year. We will remain with The Standard and the rates stay the same for Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Disability. Please keep your dental and vision ID cards! Supplemental Life Insurance Rates:

UNUM – Accident and Critical Illness Policies

You can enroll for the Accident policy with no questions asked. However, for the Critical Illness policy, you will need to contact Ashley Gilder with OneDigital ( or 770-916-1717 ext 3230) for more information about electing this policy. She will respond within 24 hours with more information including policy rates.

UNUM Resources:

Legal Shield/ID Shield

This benefit provides employees with personal legal support, legal document preparation, and ID theft/privacy monitoring.

Legal Shield/ID Shield Resources:

Cigna PPO Network – Provider Search Info

  1. Visit the Cigna Network Website:
  2. Enter your location-City & State or Select "Use My Location"
  3. Click the purple "Pick" drop-down menu and select "Medical Plans"
  4. Select the "PPO, Choice Fund PPO" option
  5. Enter the type of provider you are looking for, or select an option from under "Popular Searches"
(If you are not able to find your provider online, please call HealthEZ customer service number at 1-855-520-4324.)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karin Grindstad, Benefits Manager, at 770-594-6444 or

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