HR Policies and Procedures

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HR Policy and Procedure Manual

The City of Roswell Mayor and Council adopted a new Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual at their June 9, 2014 meeting. It was revised on June 26, 2017.

The updates to the new HR Policy and Procedure Manual represent a complete review and reassessment of the document to ensure all policies are in line with current employment laws and comparable to and competitive with the policies of other municipalities.

The new policies also include enhancements that better serve our employees and their families by providing more work/life balance.

For specific questions about the HR policies and procedures, direct inquiries to

2014 Policy Highlights

Unlawful Harassment Policy and the Drug-Free Workplace Policy:
Substantial changes have been made to these policies, and mandatory training regarding these changes will be provided to staff.

Disciplinary Appeals Process:
To help streamline the appeals process, employees can now have an informal, one-on-one meeting with the City Administrator rather than having to go through a multi-layer appeal process with a personnel committee. This change makes the process more efficient and personalized.

Workplace Civility Policy:
This policy clearly defines the City of Roswell's expectation that all employees, agents of the City, and visitors to City interact in a courteous and respectful manner and that inappropriate behavior will be addressed and may result in corrective action.

Enhancements to Leave Policy:
Maximum PTO leave accrual and carryover has been expanded for regular full-time employees and 24-hour shift personnel in the Fire Department.

Service Years
Maximum Carryover Hours for Regular Full-time Employees
Maximum Carryover Hours for Fire Department 24-hour Shift Personnel
0-4 Years
120 Hours
162 Hours
5-9 Years
160 Hours
216 Hours
10+ Years
200 Hours
270 Hours

Change to New Hire Waiting Period for Using Leave:
Newly hired employees of the City of Roswell no long have to wait six months to use their accrued PTO and sick time.

Personal Holiday:
The existing holiday policy allows for a "birthday" holiday to be taken during the month of the employee's birth. The new "personal holiday" policy is more flexible and allows this holiday to be utilized at a time of the employee's choosing (with supervisory approval), allowing for combination with converted sick leave, religious holiday observation, etc.

Leave Conversion/Buy-Back Program:
Once each year, employees with a minimum of 272 hours of accrued, unused sick leave may convert up to 32 hours of that sick leave to PTO/vacation, OR request that the City "buy back" that amount of unused sick leave. Converted leave may be combined with the personal holiday to allow one additional week of vacation. The buy-back process will occur in December of each year, potentially allowing additional funds for family holiday spending.

Civic Engagement/Volunteerism Policy:
Many of our employees participate in volunteer activities and civic engagement programs that support and enhance the community in Roswell and positively impact the issues affecting quality of life for our citizens. To support this volunteerism, this new policy allows full-time employees to take the equivalent of three (3) work days, up to a maximum of 24 hours, each calendar year for participation in these activities.

Increase in Comp Time for Non-Exempt Employees:
Previously, comp time for non-exempt (non-salaried) employees was a maximum of 48 hours. The policy revision now allows for a maximum of 80 hours.

Dress Code Changes:
Please see the code for specifics.

Change to Outside Secondary Employment Approval:
Previously, an employee seeking secondary employment (employment outside of and in addition to their work for the City of Roswell) only needed to get administrative approval one time (before the secondary employment was started). The new policy now requires employees to resubmit their request each year to help keep management apprised of ongoing outside employment.